Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Norfolk Diabetes Prevention Study –1

OK, I know I’m over weight, but by how much.

Apparently, this means that I’m susceptible to diabetes type 2 and I’ve been invited to join the Norfolk Diabetes Prevention Study (NDPS). The question of my perception of the extent to which I am over weight has been asked as part of the initial preparation.

Self-perception is very difficult and susceptible to considerable cheating. So I asked Bryony and Guthrie. Guthrie promptly pointed to box 9. My youngest son is a menace. Eventually, they both agreed on box 6. I preferred box 5 but succumbed to the majority view.

However, line 2 questions how you would like to look. I presume this means in 6 months after the 1st phase of the study is complete. If I achieve the desired box 4, this will appear as a significant change. Well done to me or is this just another form of cheating?

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