Monday, 27 June 2016

Mow down a Granny - almost

Bryony and I went for our regular (more or less) morning walk. This morning was rather later than usual on account of our angst over the referendum result. We’ve taken to donning high visibility jackets as a safety precaution, even though it’s midsummer and there is really no excuse for not seeing pedestrians.

We have seen a lot of rain recently and puddles, abound especially on the more minor roads of our route. Bryony was leading us single file as one of those large modern Range Rovers came round a fairly blind corner towards us. Instead of moving to the opposite side to avoid Bryony, the driver drove towards us so as to avoid a puddle dirtying the precious car.

Bryony in her usual determined fashioned refused to be pushed off the road. I’m afraid I played chicken and jumped on the bank. Our driver fortunately has slowed down enough not to cause an accident.

It is extraordinary the priorities that individuals have in their decision making processes.

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