Monday, 3 June 2019

Sudoku: Solutions without User Input

The creation of a detailed Sudoku grid usually brings a wider range of user methodologies for the player to employ, but some times solutions fall out of the process automatically.

In Sudoku: To automate ... or not to automate we generated a detailed grid of the puzzle in which all the the potential solutions for the unsolved cells were presented.The process also verified whether or not further solutions to puzzle had been generated as a result of the puzzle.

Result Validation - matched

In this case the number of result cells brought into the analysis matched the number processed out of the analysis. Sometimes the method we use for excluding potential values leaves only one Sudoku identity left. It therefore becomes as result.

Result Validation - not matched

In this latter case, we could not be sure that the result generated by the exclusion analysis had, itself, been accounted for in relation to its own related cells. Accordingly, we repeat the process described in Sudoku:A Game of Control and Error Management until we achieve a stable starting point.

There are times, especially when you have nearly solved a puzzle, where the re-verification process used repeatedly leads to a final solution automatically without any specific contribution from the Sudoku player. The picture below demonstrates one such case. It shows the penultimate phase before the presentation of a complete solution.

The penultimate phase before a complete result.

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