Friday, 27 May 2016

The Dog that Walked!

Bryony and I walk most mornings as part of a get fitter regime. The idea is to walk fairly briskly for about 2½ miles along roads or made up footpaths. (In fact measuring the distance on the local OS map suggests a distance of just over 3 miles, Given that it takes us around 50 minutes that makes our walking speed a bit more respectable. - SWA 28/5/2016) So there is no excuse to slow up for streams with log bridges or barbed wire fences. On the other hand, stopping to get out of the way of passing vehicles is permitted. This morning, though, Bryony was on duty with the grandchildren in Forest Hill.

Our route takes us along a narrow country lane up a mild incline with high banks on each side. There were the usual interruptions to allow cars to pass. Towards the top I spotted a cyclist walking a dog. Bryony and I had seen this pair on previous occasions. Usually, the woman, fully togged out with helmet, high visibility jacket etc., is cycling very slowly with the dog trotting alongside on a lead. The dog is a miniature or toy of some description; probably a probably a Yorkshire Terrier or something similar.

Yorkshire Terrier

This morning, to my astonishment, both cyclist and dog were walking. Why? They were heading downhill. If safety was an issue, because of the narrow lane, the dog could easily have been placed in her front basket. The whole incongruity of it tickled my fancy.

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